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CEP (Christian Education Publications) has been providing churches and schools with quality Bible-based resources to teach and nurture young people since 1922. Reflecting our unique culture, everyday language and lifestyle, CEP products ensure Christian Religious Education is fun, relevant and engaging for kids today. CEP is committed to supporting schools and churches as they teach the Bible to children, youth and families. CEP products – including Connect, Beginning with God and Big Questions – are widely used in schools for the use of SRE and Religious Education.


Do I need to use CEP’s Revised Teacher’s manuals and Student activity books, or can I keep using the non-revised ones?
What tools are available to use with interactive whiteboards?

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Please feel free to send us your ideas or activities that have worked well with your class that you would like to share. If you are requesting permission for a new multimedia resource to use in your class then please fill in the Submissions Form here.