Connect operates on a three-year cycle. In 2018, CEP recommends use of the B cycle Connect resources.

2018 = Cycle B
2019 = Cycle C
2020 = Cycle A

Please note: The Revised 2017 editions of Connect A1 and Connect A2, and the Revised 2018 editions of Connect B1, Beginning with God and Big Questions are the only authorised SRE curriculum for public and state schools. 

The Connect B2, C1 and C2 resources will be revised, authorised and released in time for the start of subsequent school semesters.

All of the Connect curriculum is available for purchase for Christian and Independent schools.

Price List

Student activity book - $3.45 AUD | $4.45 NZD
Teacher's manual - $39.95 AUD | $51.00 NZD 
Visual aid pack - $32.95 AUD | $42.00 NZD

Connect is available to purchase through CEP's webstore