Christian Education Outcomes

The CEP curriculum seeks to broaden each student’s education by helping them develop their understanding and knowledge of biblical principles, to build skills which will enhance their overall learning ability and to form an understanding of values and attitudes of faith, culture and the world today.

Below is an overview of the Christian Education Outcomes for all three learning stages.

Knowledge and Understanding
  • God our Father
  • Jesus Christ
  • Ourselves and others
  • The world and living things
  • Sources of knowledge about God
    (from the Bible, from nature and from human experience)
  • Investigation
  • Communication
  • Participation
  • Application



Values and Attitudes
  • Trusting God through faith in Christ (God and us)
  • Culture and the world
  • Social justice
  • Stewardship and ecology
  • Learning


Click the links below to view specific outcomes for each of the 3 stages 

Stage 1
(Years K-2)
Stage 2
(Years 3-4)
Stage 3
(Years 5-6)